I’ve just signed the contract for my single collection of short stories. My collection has been with the publisher Bridge House since 2017. I have been watching my name move slowly up the ‘To-Be-Published list.

Just when I thought it going to be another two years, I received an email last night to say I was being offered a contract. I only found the email this morning.

Gill asked me to send the latest version of my collection which I did this afternoon. This evening, I’ve just signed the contract for my ‘Days Pass Like Shadows’ collection.

In the book there’s thirteen beguiling twists tales which tell an array of dark stories from a dark soul.

I’m hoping the book will be ready by Christmas so my family and friends will be able to buy it and make me very happy. The best present I could wish for.

Have a great weekend.

I must get back to my writing ✍️

Paula R.C.

St Mary Church, Whitby, North Yorkshire.


  1. Heartfelt congratulations, Paula!! You deserve to be read by a wide audience. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to making that a reality!! I’m super excited for you 🙂


    1. Thank you, so much. It feels like it has taken forever to reach this point. I have some other news to share but I’m waiting to hear back from them.


  2. Sincerest Congratulations to you, Paula! This is the first of more of your name on front covers to come. Please count me as one who can’t wait to purchase it!


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