This morning I received a small payment for a Dark Moment. These drabble (a brief tale told in a 100 words) are a way I’m earning something for my writing. Okay, so its not a taxable amount and I’m not about to buy a Manor House in the rolling English countryside with the money I’m making.

I couldn’t even pay for a box of green tea with the sum I’m earning, so why am I so excited?

It’s quite simple. Someone is willing to pay me for my words. In a world where most people are not aware that writing takes time and energy to produce something of real value a small payment is better and more rewarding than nothing.

At times, I’m shocked by others attitude to what I do. It is as though they believe that writing magically produces itself onto my computer. That each word comes fully formed from my head into a story on the screen. In reality, even a 100 words can take time to write as it goes through many rewrite to create the impact in the final draft. You’ll be surprised by how many rewrites, edits and read through a short story or novel goes through.

It all takes time. I’m in the process of writing my second horror story. So far I’ve started the story with three different beginning as I search for the best hook to get the reader interested enough to stay with my main character. I’ve cut it about and change the main character twice. At the moment I’m not even sure it reach the point I want for it to fit in with what the publisher is wanting from me.

Yes, I may work from home. My darling husband does support me, but when I finished full-time work in the factory to take up writing full-time it was with the understanding that I did write. Life can be such a bitch full of many distractions. Of course my husband does need feeding and his clothes washed, and live in a clean house. Also he does like me to spent time with him to, and not just be a voice that calls to him from another room.

I take my writing seriously, it is my passion. Since June 2019 it has really taken off. Black Hare Press has given me the opportunity to shine at my chosen career. The small payments make me feel appreciated that my writing, ideas and stories have some real value to them.

There are many paying publishers out there, but far more expect to have your work for free. No other form of employment would expect you to put in the hours for nothing.

The most heartbreaking thing I hear from others, (and I’m sure if I was to point it out to them, they would say they didn’t realise,) is when they expect to read your work for free.

Buying a book is the only way writers earn their living. You can order books online, or through a bookshop on a high street. All you need to know is the title, author’s name and the ASIN number which you can find on Amazon by putting in the book title and author’s name in to their search engine.

Just because a writer is a friend of yours you shouldn’t just expect them to give you their book for free, unless they are giving you it as a gift.

Most writer don’t receive free copies of their books. Normally they have to buy them themselves. If you want to reward your writing friends for all the long hours they put in to creating their works of art, then leave them an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads or any other reviewing sites. Better still, contact the author of the book and ask them where you can leave them an honest review.

Reviews help us to know what we got wrong or right. Did the story stay with you, long after you had finished reading it? Did the characters stand out from the crowd? Was it easy to follow? Did the flow of the story carry you along, or jar you out of the flow? Were you disappointed, shocked or amazing by the twist at the ending?

This week has started with two of my stories being published. First you can read The Power of Love’ here.

Also you can buy ‘ Under Her Black Wings’ here

Right time to get my head down and sort out the problem I’m having with my 5k word story ‘Too Cold For Hell’

Have a great week, and happy writing ✍️

Paula R. C.

My story is called ‘Cold Calling’


    1. Thanks Jim. You’ll find out soon enough. If you buy copies for yourself as I do so I have a copy of my work published in every book. I’m always being as if I can get them a copy too. It’s great when people automatically say of course I will pay you, but when you have to ask and they are shocked and say, ‘Well, I only wanted to read your story. I’ll just borrow your copy.’
      What they don’t understand is the more people who buy the anthologies the more the writers will get a share of the sales.


  1. You know what? I’ve already decided that starting in 2020, if people want to read my stories in print, they can buy the anthology or whatever. Last year I bought a few extra and gave them to friends, but no more. You know my brother Tom. He has paid for all 5 of the print publications I am in. I love him for doing that. Others can as well.

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    1. Some of my closer friends are like your brother, Tom. They understand how important it is for you to know your work is valued.


  2. It’s great to have friends like that. Tom was a landscape artist for many years until his eyesight went bad. He made a living with his art so he knows what it’s like to get paid! (Or not 😦 )

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  3. A very eloquent piece. I, like you, have a very supportive husband and I sometimes feel guilty when I get distracted by other things rather than writing. Would love to reach a point where I receive payment for my writing on a regular basis.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. There’s plenty of paying short and flash fiction publishers who do pay small amounts.


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