When you finally reach the point where you’re about to get your work published, the publisher will want to know more about you.

This for me is the difficult part. Having to talk about yourself and make it interesting for others. As someone who isn’t comfortable being in the limelight, I’m finding it hard to come up with an interesting angle.

Having left school with no qualifications, and spent all my work life in factories, I don’t see that as being relevant to my writing or of interest.

I suppose that’s where being a celebrity makes it so much easier for publishers to market your writing. Being a celebrity has given you a selling point.

But what if you’re just a nobody. What selling point do I have?

When I set myself a challenge back in 1998 I didn’t even think about how I was going to market myself, all I was focusing on was the writing.

I have to master the skills needed to write well enough to be published, to build my confidence.

I guess all I can do is write down everything that comes to mind and see if I can edit into something vaguely interesting.

Oh, 🤔 hmm.

This is tougher that writing the crime novella.

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