Such a simple question to answer, but it always throws me. Where do I begin?
I have been asked by a publisher to answers 8 to 10 questions out of a list of twelve.
Simple right. Just choose the most interesting, and the ones you have a good idea of what you could say. But the problem is it is the first one, which always has me stumped.

Tell us a little about yourself?
What do you want to know? My age? Where I was born? Family history? What I have done for a living? These answers seems quite boring. Would others be that interested in me as a person?
I’m not anyone outstanding. I haven’t done anything amazing. Just a ‘run of the mill’ sort of life.
For the last three days I’ve been editing, rewriting and deleting my answers. I manage to find online other writers who’ve answered the same sorts of questions. Most seem to start with their name and age.
Hi, I’m Paula. I’m more years older than I can imagine. Where has that time gone. Anyway, I started writing as a challenge to myself etc…

That’s my challenge for today. To turn the mundane into something inspiring.
Have a great day,


      1. You know that interview I did for Spillwords? I almost didn’t do it. I hate stuff like that. But they are so nice and have been so supportive of my writing that I decided go ahead and muscle on through. I tried to have fun with it and have it come out like it was really me ‘talking.’ In the end I wasn’t dissatisfied. And people seemed to like it, so that was nice.

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      2. I know just what you mean. It’s taken me three days to get the tone of the piece right. I think I’ve cracked it now. The publishers was wanting it to be a conversational piece rather than just answering questions


    1. Thank you. I have some printout from when I had to fill out an online questionnaire for a publisher years ago. They were asking some strange questions. I kept them in case I came up against in the future. I’m like that, always planning for the future 😂
      Here’s an example of their questions: what do you surround yourself with in your work area in order to help you concentrate?
      Do you believe you have already found ‘your voice’?
      Are you equally good at telling stories orally?
      At the time I answered their 22 questions the best I could… yes they still rejected my novel 😂🤣😂


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