After six years of sitting on my computer an entry I wrote for a BBC short story competition as grown wings and taken flight. The Funeral Birds didn’t come anywhere in the competition, even though I fell in love with the characters.

The story had a dark sense of humour to it, and an element of the supernatural in the tale, too. Of course the story had to be worked on before I sent it to the publisher. I needed to increase the word count, which meant working on the storyline, too.

Over the six years, I was pleased to see that my writing and editing skills have improved. Rejection does refine your skills.

Today, I can share with you the book cover the publisher has sent me.

The ebook comes out finished then it will be followed by the paperback.

I will, of course, post the link when it becomes available.

Happy Writing,

Paula R.C.

The Funeral Birds: Out Soon 🧙🏻‍♀️🦉🔪⚰️


  1. Hi Paula. I haven’t been this excited or fired up in a long time. I am so happy for you!! You are a wonderfully creative writer and this is an example of how hard work and dedication to one’s dream can eventually pay off. Just to have a book with your name on the cover and to hold it in your hand…well, that’s fantastic!! Congratulations, my friend!! I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you!! You deserve this kind of success. I’ll be buying both versions as soon as they are available. Way to go!!

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    1. Jim this is a novella. But it is a wonderful start for me. I’m busy editing my first novel as I have a publisher in mind to send it to. Once again, I’m needing to cut the book in half, as the word count was way to high. I’m just pleased that all my time wasn’t wasted as along the way I’ve learnt so much.


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