What’s on my mind!
Well, I’ve just sent my MS back to the publisher after a final read through. I can almost touch the cover of the first book with my name on it.
I’m so excited. A little sad it isn’t ‘Stone Angels’ but it is a crime novella. My chosen genre rather than romance which I was so nearly tempted to write in the hope of be published. I’m just so glad I was true to myself.

When I first started writing I thought long and hard about the sorts of books I wanted to write. I knew that most publishers want you to stick to writing one genre once you’ve built a readership.

As I enjoyed reading books that have a mystery at its heart, I knew crime would be my first choice. I’m not into blood and gore, but mostly psychological crimes novels. The ones that explain why a crime was committed appealed to me most. So these are the sort of stories I enjoy writing.

Of course, you will find I like to put a twist in my writing too. I tend to sit down and really work through my plot ideas. Checking and rechecking the storyline in hope to create something different.

I have an Amazon author’s page if you would like to check out anthologies which has my stories published in, or to add me to your reading list for when my novella is available.

Now I’m ready to start work on editing my single collection. I haven’t got many mistakes in the thirteen tales that need sorting, but I wanted a clear head before starting work. So all the other writing projects I had hoped to finish are going to be set aside for now. If the deadlines haven’t passed. I may come back to them

Have a great weekend,

Catch up soon.

Paula R. C.

🦉My first soon to be published book.
A crime novella 🦉

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