As my crime novella The Funeral Birds is soon to be released I have been thinking about way I can increase my online presence. Black Hare Press has a page to showcase their authors so I have added my profile there too. I’ve had an online presence with Cafelit for sometime in their Meet our Authors selection, as I’ve had work published with them in the past, and will continue to do so.

The only area in my online presence I’m disappointed with is GoodReads. I’m finding it surprising difficult to work out how to use the Author’s dashboard. I would like to replace some of the covers on books listed under my name with the real covers, and add books which contains my work. Yesterday for two hours, I try to work out what I needed to do and who to contact for help. It just wasn’t straight forward. As Amazon and Goodreads are both the same company I would have thought my Amazon Author’s Page would be linked to my Goodreads’ Page. As they are already linked when I finished reading a book, it flashes up on Goodreads.

Now I must go back to writing promotional articles for Black Hare Press and Allison Symes who will be helping me in my promoting my work. My author friend, Maggie Ford always talked about networking. Often this proves true as it’s not what you know, but who you know. As I continue on my writing journey I must now focus on marketing and promoting my work, if I am to increase my readership. I posted my crime novella news on my village Facebook page and this has proved to be helpful as several people I don’t personally know have pre-ordered The Funeral Birds. Have a great week.

Best wishes always and happy writing ✍️ Paula R.C.


  1. I wish you the best of success in all of your marketing efforts, my amazing friend! It is definitely a journey one must commit to! I am learning the ways of marketing as well. My recent experiences at my annual Teachers’ Convention were very illuminating–I sold some books at an initial loss (a marketing company was involved), but it worth having them there for the exposure since I have sold copies afterwards at full price once the copies were returned to me after the convention. And, the dozens of conversations I’ve had about presenting and having my books there will lead to more sales down the road. So yes, marketing and networking are so important, and I know you will continue to be successful in both!

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  2. Paula, just reading the words ‘pre-orders’ is wonderful! And to know they’re happening is even better! I’m sure the publishers will be pleased, since pre-orders imply you have the rarest and more sought-after marketing phenomena there is–buzz! It can’t be bought, but you’ve got it, so let’s hope it continues to gain momentum. Please let us know how it continues to work out!

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    1. Of course I will. I’m getting quite nervous. I’m hope people will enjoy The Funeral Birds and want more. I’ve finished my 1st edits on my single collection which is due out in November.

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  3. Paula, I’m sure people will enjoy the Funeral Birds and want more! I’m also glad to hear you’ve finished the first round of edits on your singles collection. Onto Round2 soon, no doubt! It’s wonderful to see your hard work continuing to take you ever higher!


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