With the release of my first crime novella just around the corner it is hard to stay focused. Yes, I know I’ve mentioned my crime novella before, but that’s just the problem I have to keep mentioning, because when I signed on the dotted line I agreed to keep promoting my book. Gone are the days when writers could sit back and allow others to promote their books for them. No sunning yourself under a palm tree 🌴

For the last few days I have been working my way through a series of questions for a publisher. These are to help promote my work. While working on the questions I realised you can’t give the same answers every time. You need to vary them. So far I have been give three lots of questions to answer by three different people to help promote The Funeral Birds. Once these are posted online readers won’t want to read the same article each time I share the link, so I have written three different articles to keep it all fresh. Of course the questions aren’t quite the same but it would be easy to simply cut and paste.

After 60 years of living I know I have plenty of life experiences to draw on to make all three articles interesting for others to read. Of course questions about the novella will bring the same answers but there are different angles in which I can talk about the creation of the book. It has been a huge learning curve for me. The three publishing companies I’m working with, I’ve found to be very approachable. Demain Publishing, Dean Drinkel, Black Hare Press, Dean Kershaw & Ben Thomas and Bridge House Publishing, Gill James. If I have any questions or don’t quite understand what is being asked of me a quick email or message sent to them soon comes back answered.

When I first set out on my writing journey it was the one thing that worried me. I’ve always feared my confidence would let me down. Would I be brave enough to ask questions or even seek reassurance if I wasn’t quite sure about something. I remember going for a job interview in a factory. The thing that sold it to me, and I knew I would be happy working there was a huge sign on the wall that said… ‘If you’re not sure ask!’ Obviously it was good advice as it meant the factory could keep production move as one little mistake could hold up a line and cost the company money.

Anyway, I’m off to finish another story. Have a great day. Happy Writing, Paula R.C. ✍️

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