I only discovered that I have the ability to write drabbles last June. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to tell a story in a hundred words. Yes, you can easily put down a hundred words, but it’s getting them in the right order so they have a beginning, a middle and the ending that takes the time. I can play around all day with a drabble. Tweaking it here, and changing a few words there. Changing one word can make all the difference. Sometimes, I’ll leave it on my computer for a week and find when I give it a final read through it says something completely different to me.

Black Hare Press has an amazing selection of anthologies which are all drabbles. These short dark tales cover a wide range of subjects. Soon to be released is their collection of ‘Hate’. Be prepared to be scare, shocked and horrified at the length some people are driven to when hate takes the place of love. I have four drabbles in this ‘Hate’ collection. Click on this Link if you are interested in finding out more or wanting to place an order. The book is available in ebook, paperback and hard copy.

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