I know you’re a bit busy at the moment, but I hope you will allow me to congratulate you for giving us here on planet Earth a wake up call. You have done more for your size to show us how vulnerable we are than the destructive force of climate change, pollution, and the threatened extinction of many species of animals and insects from our ignorance could ever have done. We have ignored our scientists warning about the death of the bees 🐝 and the impact that can have on our continuing existence on this planet. Yes, I know bees are much kinder to us that you have been, but still we ignore their plight.

We have gone to war and slaughtered our own. Turned our back on the cruelty others have inflicted on each other, yet when something as small as you comes along and makes a huge impact on our stock markets we sit up and take note. Our governments don’t normally take notices when hundreds die each year through lack of clean water, housing, poverty or basic health services. For years hospitals have been underfunded, their staff poorly paid. For years , we have focused on oversubscribing medications rather that take precautions when treating illnesses. You have shown us how important cleaning staff are in the real battle for life on Earth.

Now you have threatened our daily lives on a global level will humanity see what’s really important as their strip the shops of goods to protect themselves and their families. Will you, Mr V Covid 🦠 give them the opportunity to revalue what’s crucial for their survival, or will it just drive them to become more greedy and self-centred rather than focusing on the bigger picture. 🐝 A bee sting is less painful than yours.

Times like this either bring out the good in others or some see it as an opportunity to line their own pockets. You, Mr V Covid 🦠make no distinction between the rich or poor, good or evil. You like all other life on Earth are focused on your own reproduction and survival. I guess only time will tell if your unwelcome visit to our civilisation brings about any positive changes, or not.

My family and I are avoiding making your acquaintance, but I would like you to know, Mr V Covid 🦠 you have made a big impact on our lives. I hope your reign of terror will be over soon. Yes, I know it will mean your death, but I guess part of you will linger in the mind of humanity for a while longer. Hopefully bringing about many constructive changes to our lives which will benefit all life on this planet. ❤️🦠❤️


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