Seeking the Dark explains the legend of the seekers of the gold soul boxes. The novel takes you on a journey from Albania to Whitby, North Yorkshire. Originally the time line was set between the 1970’s and 2005. Though some of the action does go further back in time. As I was worked on the novel today, I decided to bring it more up to date. This means I will need to be more careful with the changes in today’s technology too.

We’ve made huge progress in how technology has changed our way of living in the last fifteen years. Even though my novel is horror, I need to make it believable to keep the readers onboard with the plot line. As I’m working through the first lots of edits I’m deleting anything that is too wordy, repetitive or too descriptive as well as getting rid of unnecessary filter and filler words. I had a whole paragraph where I was describing the layout of a flat. It served no purpose whatsoever.

I found my old timeline & a report on my novel Seeking the Dark

When I go through the novel in the next round of edits I will be look closely at the contents, the structure of my novel, does the plot make sense? Are my characters well-developed? Are there places where the narrative seems to drag etc. As it is a horror novel, I need to make sure I have enough action and scary parts.

With The final edit I shall be reading through to pick up any typos, spelling mistakes and check to the best of my ability to pick up any minor errors, but as you know, no matter how many times you read through your piece of work there’s always something you manage to miss somehow. So for now I shall stay focused on the first read through. Once I’ve finished the edits, I shall catch up with you all and let you know how I’m doing. Keep safe, and stay in, if you can. We can only beat Covid-19 by working together 🦠

Debz explaining to me where I’m going wrong😊


  1. Paula, with all of my heart, I wish you the best of continued success as you delve into your editing and bring your novel ever closer to its finished form! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey with us. I hope to, one day within the next 5-10 years, be sharing my novel journey with you as well!

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    1. For a moment there I thought you were going to say in the next 5 to ten years we will be meeting up… 😂🤣😂 Who knows with the magic of the internet we could talk online. If you’re about I could call you 👋


      1. Paula, I absolutely hope to see you in person way before 5-10 years from now! You are such a vibrant delight in the Clubhouse, and here in your blog, that a trip to England to see you and our other writer friends is now a definitive life goal. I truly cannot wait! And as for talking online, I would be delighted! I’ve just finished a combined chat with Kim in New Zealand and Melanie in British Columbia, and caught up and supported teacher colleagues around Alberta last night. So, let me look at my schedule over the next few days, PM you some times, and we will make our chat happen! TTYS! 👋

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  2. I was very interested to read about your editing work. You have eased my mind on this. I have an editor lined up to look at my draft novel in a couple of months and there were some that thought I should consider other cheaper ways of doing this. But reading your blog posts has confirmed for me that I am doing the right thing. Thank you for your posts.


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