Gosh, I can see so clearly why my first novel wasn’t published. Experience is the key to success. I know I’m self-taught and maybe that is a disadvantage, but I’ve always been willing to learn.

Last night, I read through the report I had done on my novel in 2012. This morning while I continue to work through the first lots of edits to stripping away the dead wood I’m uncovering the heart of the novel and by end it will be half itself size. Years of writing short stories certainly have helped me to learn what is needed and what isn’t when I started work tightening up Seeking the Dark.

I’m so glad I’ve been given this opportunity to rework this novel. Like most parents you’re blinded by unconditional love for your baby, that you don’t see the flaws and where the weaknesses may be. Now I have some experience under my belt, I can step back and truly view my work with fresh eyes and clear mind. I can see so many problems for myself. To start with, I have far too much telling going on.

As I’m working through I’m trying to stay focused on deleting the dead wood ready for the next round of edits. It is so easy to get distracted by other things. This can be said while we are busy writing too. It’s too easily to start adding side plots, twists, new unnecessary characters and dialogue because we think it sounds good. In Debz’s report, she points out I repeat details of earlier actions from another character’s point of view in the novel, and other stuff like that which is not needed. It’s about have faith in your reader. If the scene is written well enough readers will remember it, without you having to repeating it. Debz also highlighted some characters I may need to lose too. By doing so, I can keep the reader focused on the main plot line, and carry the story forward.

Right, I’m off to stay focused on the pruning out the dead wood, and uncovering the hidden gem in ‘Seeking the Dark’. Stay safe everyone. It’s a tough world outside. Stay in and keep you and your family safe. All my love and much peace ❤️

Things are never quite what they seem in ‘Seeking the Dark’


    1. I’ve heard it so many times over the years by other writers that every word they have written needs to be in their book, and then they wonder why they are not published. Of course, I knew ‘Seeking the Dark’ wasn’t going to be published back in 2012. Vampire books were going out of fashion. I had started on my second novel by then and set my Vamp book aside. I’m so pleased to have this opportunity now to write the novel as I wanted it to be, but didn’t have the skills at that time.


  1. Good to hear from you, Paula!! I liked what you wrote about staying focused on the plot and keeping the reader in mind. Right on!! If the reader isn’t engaged, no matter how much we like what we have written, the book will die a quick death. Sounds like you are making excellent progress. Keep up the great work!!

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    1. Thank you, Jim. Lots of rewriting will need to be done. 😢 but the positive side is it will be a book I can be proud of when it is published.


  2. Paula, your journey through the edits of your novel continue to inspire! Please keep updating us as often as you’re able to! I also think that, through these posts, you have the makings of a most useful ‘How To’ guide–i.e. a chapbook on the journey of writing a novel, knowing what you need to improve, committing to that, and then the joys/work of the next round of informed edits. My prayers, best editing wishes, and most energetic writing Rays of Sunshine are with you!

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