First of all may I wish you all a peaceful, relaxing day. The world has changed beyond all recognition as an unseen enemy travels from country to country. Whatever god you pray to, please offer up a prayer for all as we are but one together as our caregivers fight to save lives. For the first time in my lifetime I know and understand how hopelessness feels as our bright new future has been taken from us. Though I come from a poor background, my parents were uneducated and never owned property, I always felt the future was bright, if you were willing to work. This virus has changed everything. Money doesn’t have the answers and time seems to be in short supply as the bodies keep piling up. No one can give their loved ones a good sending off.

As we all practice social distancing (here in Britain) our gardens have become our sanctuaries (if we are lucky enough to have one), The internet gives us a window on the world as we watch the struggles of other countries to deal with the same problems. I hope we will learn an important lesson from this terrible situation. Humanity is one race under one sky, we are all the same. This virus doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor, education or uneducated, what skin colour you have etc. We need to try to save everyone in the world, and crush the virus, because if we don’t it will return.

🙏Prayers to all Gods for humanity 🙏

I know I’m lucky enough to live in a small village surrounded by beautiful countryside. It’s easy for me to feel safe and protected , but don’t get me wrong I don’t take what I have here for granted. My husband is still working. He’s the one who goes to the shop to buy what we need. Every morning we hug before he leaves. I make him promise me that he will be careful and keep safe. None of us know what will happen next so we must all look for a silver lining wherever we can find it. My thoughts are with you all. ❤️🙏❤️

Here in my writing room, safe from the outside world, I’m busy editing three projects. My collection of short stories has just been returned to me for edit three. I’m editing my crime novel, Stone Angels, and bringing up to date my vampire novel, Seeking the Dark. My novella, The Funeral Birds is still receiving good reviews and will soon be released in paperback. I’m very much looking forward to holding the physical form of the Funeral Birds in my hands. Please check out my Amazon Author’s Page to find details of all the book that contain my work. Some of the books also contain stories by others amazing writers too.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Best wishes, Paula R.C.

❤️One Planet One Human Race❤️


  1. You live in a beautiful area. I’m glad your husband still has a job. I started this morning with prayers for medical professionals and scientists for whom I am so grateful. I hope for things to get better before they can get worse.

    Good luck on your three editing projects!

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    1. I too sent positive thoughts to all the people on the front line of this terrible situation. I hope China put a stop to the wet markets and find a way to feed their poor areas that rely so heavily of the meat from the markets.


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