Either I’m suffering from lockdown madness or my tinnitus has learnt how to play the didgeridoo. Hopefully it’s just the musician who lives at the bottom of my garden. Maybe he’s either learning to play one or teaching his children. It sounds amazing, and quite haunting. Much better than the sound of traffic and planes.
Are you teaching yourself and your children something new during this lockdown?


  1. I’m one of those people that can hear the Industrial Hum. (It might be called the Bristol Hum in your area.) So it’s like I have tinnitus 24/7. I’m used to it and can ignore it, but I wish the sound was as interesting as a didgeridoo.

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    1. I do have tinnitus. I’m new to it. The noise isn’t in your ear as I thought, but in your brain itself. If I get too tired it becomes loud to me, but some day I don’t even notice it. If it’s a more noticeable day I play music while I’m writing. I loaded lots of new age, soft classical music etc onto my computer. I use to love silence, but I’m just glad I’m not deaf or losing my hearing. Have a wonderful day, Priscilla.


      1. There is something called “objective tinnitus” where the sound really is in the ear, and other people can hear it (using a microphone or other instrument). So maybe your ear is just acting up, and it’ll eventually go away. Well, one can hope.

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      2. That would be great. It all started when I had a bad head cold. I was told it would clear, but when I looked up tinnitus, I was quite shocked. It hasn’t gone and it’s October last it started. 🤷‍♀️


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