What a wonderful start to the day. I’m delighted to find my name and story Cobalt Blue in the list of winners of the Waterloo Art Festival Writing Competition this morning. My only disappointment is my husband, friends and cousin won’t be able to join the other winners for a wonderful get together in London.

Mehreen Ahmed: Dolly

Gail Aldwin: The Price of Firewood 

Christopher Bowles: Chroma

Maxine Churchman: Pulling Together

Jeanne Davies: Utopian Dream

Jo Dearden: A Small Clay Vase

Linda Flynn: Fishing in Troubled Waters 

Anne Forrest: Number Twenty-seven

Dawn Knox: Rising from the Ashes

Roz Lyn: Circle Time

Paula R C Readman: Cobalt Blues

Hannah Retallick: Bookclub for the Elderly

Theresa Sainsbury: Transforming Teenagers

Allison Symes: Books and Barbarians

This will be my third winning story, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Thank you so much, Gill James and the Bridge House Publishing team. Now I’m off to do more editing. Another busy day ahead of me.


    1. I’m having an amazing year. It seems a terrible thing to say, while there is so much heartache in the world. Maybe it is a good thing everyone is isolating as I can’t wipe the smile off my face. If I had to go out maybe it’s a good thing I would have to hid it behind a mask. It’s been a long journey for me, so I just pleased at last to be reaping my rewards of hard work and self-belief. I just wish I could have done better when I was at school, instead of being cast onto the scrap heap as a slow learner. 😢I’m certainly going to being make up for it. 😂


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