Keep a notepad beside your bed.

Before going to sleep last night, I started thinking about my new writing project. I had been reading up about the English Civil War and studying the awful witch-hunts that were happening around the same time. During this time hundreds of women, and men too, were tried for witchcraft. The most common methods of execution for them were hanging , drowning or burning. Burning was often favoured, especially in Europe as it was considered the most painful way of dying. In the American Colonies witches were hung, while in Britain, we went for ducking and hanging. picture
An engraved illustration of a cucking chair also known as a ducking chair at a village well from a Victorian book dated 1883 that is no longer in copyright

Ducking or Cucking stool, which was a form of chair really, was a technical device used as part of the wider method of law enforcement through social humiliation. The stool was used for punishment of disorderly women, scolds (people accused of being troublesome and angry and who habitually chastised, argued and quarrelled with their neighbours) and dishonest tradesmen in England, Scotland, and elsewhere.

For days now I have been twisting the plot for my WIP around in my head trying to work out the best place to start this tale. Although the Funeral Birds was told from the first person’s point of view I feel that the WIP may have to be told from the 1st and 3rd person’s point of view. By doing this I can widen the story area.

The old road to the airfield
Building hidden among the trees

Have a great weekend. We’ll chat again soon.

My friend Ana and I try to walk every day around our village. The area of Essex in which I live is steeped in history, both modern and ancient. On Wednesday, we walked to the old airfield.

The RAF Rivenhall airfield was built in 1943 and used during the European Theatre of World War 2: Air Offensive Europe July 1942- May 1945. It was controlled by the U.S Army Air Forces. Most of the airfield has gone now as half of it has been turned into a quarry though some of the buildings remain.

Mother Nature has been quick to take back what she can as lots of young trees have reclaimed what was once open spaces. After spending our time exploring and photographing the remaining buildings my mind started racing with ideas for the second timeline in my WIP.

When I went to bed I made a few notes of questions I needed answered. In the morning ideas tumbled from me and I hastily scribbled them down. I now had the opening scene for my book.

Once I can start mapping out the points of the plot line I shall be much happier. This week has flown by but I’ve managed to sell a few books. Okay, so it was my husband. He took some of my business cards I had created into work. I’ve designed a promotional sheet too, as his work colleagues wanted to know more about my writing and books.


  1. The historic airfield would probably look and feel really eerie at night. It’s sad about the witch persecutions, but I’m sure learning about them will spark all sorts of ideas in your new manuscript. I hope you have a nice weekend too!

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  2. Good advice about the notebook by the bed, Paula. I always seem to get my best ideas when I’m half asleep, probably because the mind is more relaxed then. Great news about the book sales!

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    1. Thank you, Penny. I often have my best ideas at night, so I keep a tiny light by the bed so I don’t disturb my husband when I write a note in the middle of the night. 😉


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