When I first started writing, I wasn’t sure what sort of writer I was going to become. I knew romance wasn’t my thing. It is easy to say, think about the sort of book you enjoy reading, or maybe the sort of films you enjoy watching. The trouble with me is I enjoy a wide range of books and films, but what is it about them that sparks my imagination and keeps me hooked. It is a mystery.

A mystery can come in all shapes and forms. A person can be mysterious. A house can have an air of mystery about it. Something unresolved. In my novel Stone Angels, James Ravencroft is a man of mystery. His paintings have a darker hidden meaning that others don’t see. In my novella, The Funeral Birds my main characters Dave and Joan have several mysteries to solve as they try to find out why Ms Sinclair doesn’t want to report what she can see from her garden in the ruined churchyard. In my collection of short stories, Days Pass Like A Shadow, each of the thirteen tales contain their own mystery. From the Streets of Kabul to the plains of Africa. From the war-torn streets of London in the 1940’s to the moorlands of North Yorkshire in Anglo-Saxon Britain. You will find many wonderful characters to take you on other journeys too.

What I have found is I enjoy telling tales that have a twist to them. These tend to take you to the darker side of life. So when I was asked to submit a story to the next collection of horror stories written by women. It was easy to select one of my stories.

I never saw myself as a writer of horror, more supernatural suspense. I want to take my readers to the edge of their seat without pushing them over. If my writing taps into their own darkest fears and imaginings then I have done good job.

On the 20th July a collection of horror stories, Graveyard Smash is launched by Kandisha Press


    1. It was lovely to be invited, Priscilla but I was unable to supply a new story, as I was busy with editing my three books, but they accepted a reprint. The publisher asked for title ideas for their second collection and choose mine Graveyard Smash. 😊


  1. Congratulations on another fine feather in your writing cap, my amazing friend! With all the feathers you’ve been adding lately, you’ll need to buy a larger hat! 😊 Thank you as well for posting and sharing about your wonderful journey. It is truly heartening to see Good Things coming to one who has truly worked for them! Hugs!


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