After years working on one novel, and having a few publishing successes with short stories it wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 I had my first success with a crime/ horror novella. I couldn’t believe my luck when Demain Publishing selected The Funeral Birds for their Murder Mystery Mayhem series.

The Funeral Birds was one of those chance submissions. My dear friend Alyson Faye posted on the For Writers only, who write without Fear of Rejection (a Facebook group) that the publisher was looking for submissions. I had a failed competition submission that I like and thought would be great as a basics for a novel. I quickly extended the short story and sent it off. Just before Christmas last year, Demain Publishing accepted The Funeral Birds and they published it in February this year. I was amazed and completely blown away. The Funeral Birds has taken on a life of its own after receiving 15 reviews world wide.

My WIP has become a challenge to turn the novella’s success into my next novel. The characters of Dave and Joan have been well received in the reviews The Funeral Birds has on the internet, especially Granny Wenlock. The next adventure my characters will have has been plotted out, now I just need time to start write, but first I must finish some other projects.


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