Today I must write about my main character. In The Funeral Birds there are three main characters. Though I suppose the character who carries the story forward, the main voice has to be your main character. In that case the main character in The Funeral Birds has to be Dave, a 40 something married man. Self employed as a private investigator, he works in a converted Victorian house which houses start-up businesses. Where other businesses have developed and expanded and moved out, Dave’s office has remained where it’s always been in the roof space at the top of an uncarpeted staircase.

Photo by Aa Dil on

Dave isn’t very good at his job. It’s not that he’s incompetent, far from it. You might say he has hidden powers of deduction when solving a problem. His disability is that he isn’t making any money from his business, because he’s giving his services away for free.

Dave’s wife Joan knows her husband far too well and why the books don’t balance. She’s told him to close up the business and start working from home as this will help save some money. Dave hasn’t told Joan about his secret member of staff.

Here’s the Funeral Birds Book trailer

And now to my other news. The wonderful team at Black Hare Press has selected my short story Darkness in the Soul for their School’s Out Anthology. I’m really getting a taste for writing dark. The great thing about writing for an anthology is that you get to share the limelight with other great writers too. Black Hare Press knows how to look after their writers as they publish the books in three forms, eBooks, paperback, and hard back. They are a company, I really enjoy writing for.


    1. Thank you so much. It such a good feeling when your work is selected especially when it is a story you’re fond of too.


    1. Thank you, Jim. Yes, I came across the picture in a free to use collection. I thought I love that. An owl and Dave together, brilliant!


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