Today challenge is all about the settings for my work in progress. Like so many other Murder Mystery it is good to have a fictional setting. Just think about the popular television series Midsomer Murders. That’s not a place you want to live or go on vacation to as the body count is way to high. The setting a English Rural Village with the church and pub and your normal array of characters. It could in a sense be an Agatha Christie‘ novel maybe that’s why cozy crime book always go for a rural setting. When the familiar becomes uncomfortable and bad for your health.

In The Funeral Birds I hadn’t really given the book a setting as such. The descriptions of the place could have fitted any town or place, but then the book was just a novella. My WIP will be a follow-on novel. A large word count will give me scope to take my characters further a field. Thus I felt it was important that I gave my reader more of a setting and a sense of place. With this in mind and the fact the village where I live has a great historical past, and most importantly hasn’t been included as a backdrop in any novels I decided to set it here. Plus I’m more than familiar with the area as I have walked the footpaths surrounding my village for over twenty-five years.

Using the name of my village and part of a historical settlement nearby I have come up with a name for my fictional market town. This then allows me to move settings and buildings around to suit whatever nasty deeds I may come up with when writing my plots.

Have a great evening, I shall catch up with you all again soon.



    1. There’s an amazing amount of history here. From Anglo-Saxon Britain through to Witch trials to WW2 airfields. I’m sure I can find plenty for Dave and Joan to investigate.


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