After the excitement and joy of having my novel launched on Tuesday I discovered there’s a darker side to the publishing world. Of course I was aware that the world isn’t a perfect place. Though, I wasn’t expecting this to happen to my newly published novel. Who am I? I’m just a very small fish in a ocean of bestselling authors.

I have a habit of googling my name and the title of my novel. It started really when I came across someone reviewing a book I had a story in by chance. Not all reviews are posted on Amazon or GoodReads. Okay, so some may see this habit of googling oneself as touching on being vain, but it can be very interesting to see what unexpected articles you do come across by chance. Unfortunately, it’s not always good things you find out.

I don’t know whether to be flattered or pissed off 😤 I’ve found another site stealing my novel. Going by the description given on one of them they haven’t read Stone Angels. So if you are an author I advice you to google your book title and your name to see what comes up.

Anyone clicking on any of these sites hoping to receive a copy of my book for free will either land up with a virus on their computer or a very poor quality ebook. But most annoying of all my years of hard work won’t be rewarding me. 😢😢😢

Dear Readers, please remember to purchase my novel from a reputable site as this will be my reward for the years I have spent crafting my writing skills and the dedication I have put into creating my characters and the telling of my tales for your delight. To you, new authors my advice is to google the title of your novel and your name to check that your book isn’t being used on these sites. Then alert your publishers.

My publisher Darkstroke has had this one removed


  1. There are lots of sharks about unfortunately, Paula. You’re not the only author I’ve heard complain about this sort of thing, so it must be something that these people think they can get away with. Here’s hoping your publisher can sort it out. I’ve nearly finished Stone Angels, absolutely nail-biting!

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    1. I have my fingers crossed that your book doesn’t suffer the same fate, Penny. Just keep an eye open. Wow, thank you for saying such a lovely thing. 😊I’m glad you’re enjoying it.


  2. There’s nothing to feel flattered about. You’ve been stolen from, in the same way that someone can break into your house and steal your finest possession and resell them. No one ever felt flattered to have someone break into their home and steal things. I really hope there aren’t people out there that buy from sites like this.

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    1. Hello Melanie. I agree with you. The statement was said tongue in cheek with a hint of sarcasm. Whether or not a single copy of my book has been stolen I will never know, but the thought my book cover was used to lure readers into these nasty sites leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and makes me bitter. Hopefully my publisher will sort out the problem. My post was just to warn other new authors who may not be aware of what could happen to their books


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