When I set out on my writing journey, I thought my final goal would be having a novel published, but since being published the the goal posts have shifted over night. Now I’m busy trying to generate reviews for my novel as this seems to be a sign that your novel is doing well.

Reviews aren’t just a sign that your book is being well received by the readers, but a sign to promotional and marketing companies that they are willing to take your novel or book on to market it even further if you decide to pay to promote your work further. All of this costs the writer more time and money as well as piece of mind as you begin to worry about whether your book is good enough.

I can honestly say that I never gave marketing and promoting much thought while I was writing. My only goal post was to find a publisher. Now the penny has dropped, and reality has slapped me hard around the face, I realise that marketing isn’t that simple. You can throw as much money at it as you can afford, but if your product isn’t well received by the buying public and you don’t get enough reviews, the marketing and promotional companies aren’t interested either. Just remember all big companies suffer the same fate with new products and they have bottomless advertising budget pockets.

I guess we’re back to that old puzzle. What comes first? Chicken or Egg, publisher or agent, and now review or marketing 🤷‍♀️ Getting this right will make the difference between Stone Angels selling well or not.

This morning I found my novel Stone Angels is up on BookBub. It is in need of some reviews. If you have read it, or it is on your list to read, please drop by BookBub and leave me a review when you have finished reading Stone Angels. Thank you so much. Also don’t forget to leave your review on, Amazon, (so far Stone Angels has six in UK, and three in USA,) Goodreads (has one review) or your blog ( or any other sites you come across too) work of mouth publicity can’t be bought. ❤️🥂🍾

Thank you so much. If you do leave a review and would love a signed copy of Stone Angels for your trouble after your review is posted, please contact me. ❤️📚❤️

BookBub: Stone Angels in need of Reviews


    1. Thank you so much, Maria. I’m not complaining, but it takes up so much of your time and energy rather than writing. You’re left wondering whether you are generating sales and reviews 🤷‍♀️


    1. Oh Priscilla. Thank you so much. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. ( Are we allow to say Enjoying when talking about a serial killer at work?)


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