Yesterday was the first time my dark crime novel Stone Angels was given away free. I was very nervous about this. Of course, as a writer it’s hard to imagine giving your work away for nothing, especially when you’re trying to build a writing career. In today’s publishing world its all about promoting and getting reviews to be able to market your work in more places. When Darkstroke my publisher told his authors about doing a special Promo weekend where we all promoted our books over a weekend for free, I felt I should join in. So once he selected the dates I added my book to his list.

Yesterday morning when I woke I was nervous about what the day would bring, how would Stone Angels fair. Of course, I wanted my crime novel to do well, but what if no one wanted it. I did my best on the limited funds I had by posting the fact Stone Angels was free to download. I posted it on Linkedin, Twitter, and a few Facebook groups. I was able to pay for Stone Angels to be promoted on Fussy Librarian too, but with money being tight after my husband’s hours were cut due to the Covid19 I couldn’t afford to spend on promoting on any other sites

As you can see by my slideshow my results have been good so far. My dark twisted tale is still available for free today so if you would like to download it please click on this link. I hope you enjoy finding out about the Serial killer artist, James Ravencroft and his ten stone angels.

Thank you.


  1. Well done, Paula, number 1! You should be pleasantly surprised when you see the number of ‘pages read’ which will start to show in a few days/weeks from now.

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