My single collection of Gothic tales is made up of stories written over the time I’ve been writing to be published. When the publisher Gill James of Bridge House told us, their writers at a book launch in December 2016, that they were planning on publishing single collections of their writers, I took up their kind offer.

We were told that we could include stories they had already published in the annual anthologies. I decided to also put together my favourite stories in my collection. I added one or two I had published with other publishers which I still held the copy rights on. While chatting to my dear friend Nicola Slade she advice me to write a story link to the original picture I chose for my cover which was the shadow clock on St Mary church in Whitby, North Yorkshire. I still kept the words on the clock for my title. My Shadow Clock story is about a time traveler. In the end I selected stories which were linked by a common theme of loss and death but this doesn’t mean they are just sad stories.

The thirteen dark tales take the reader on a journey from the plains of Africa to the Streets of Kabul in Afghanistan. Each story introduces the reader to a rich and diverse set of characters. From a gardener, a serial killer, a time traveler, a sleepwalker and many more.

Please check out this review of my book too and the ones found on Amazon UK 🇬🇧 Amazon USA 🇺🇸


    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, Priscilla. I have put so much energy into promoting Stone Angels I neglected Days Pass. I’m hoping to make up for it by promoting it today.


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