⛔️A word of warning ⛔️ This site is a scam. Don’t Get Caught Out!
IBookson(dot) com is a site where authors can promote their book. Someone on one of the promotion Facebook groups suggested I should use IBookson to promote my books. I looked at it, read all their marketing chatter, and thought ‘hey this looks promising’. I did email them a question before signing up with them which was answered quickly. I did my normal checks but couldn’t find anything negative. I paid with PayPal the sum asked by the site and received a receipt back with a membership no: etc.
My book covers quickly appeared on the site once I filled in my details.

It wasn’t until I went through their list of authors signed up to the site that I came across Mr King’s page. The site is promoting the fact Stephen King is using the site to promote his books. Then bells start ringing. Why would someone like Stephen King want to promote his book on a site like this one, his name alone sells millions of books. I checked the site further. On their Twitter link a link there flashed up red warning on my Norton virus checker. The Tweets were just sharing the authors’ tweets. Things weren’t right, and I had a sinking feeling as reality set in. There were other things too that now didn’t look right about the site like their Facebook page.

I’ve been in contact with the Stephen King official site about the fact they were using his image and books to lure writers in. This morning one of Stephen’s employees has been back in contact with me to say they are looking into it.

I have been in contact with the site and asked for my money back. I told them I felt it was wrong of them to use Stephen King’s image and book covers to imply Stephen King used their site to market his books. I told them I have been in contact with Stephen King’s official site about it. I asked them to remove my book covers too. I took all my information off the site, but I can’t remove my book covers 😢 I’m not expecting them to be honest and return my money, but one can live in hope.

⛔️The Site is a scam and they have no rights to use Stephen King’s image or book covers to suggest he uses the site to promote his books⛔️.

⛔️Scam Site⛔️
⛔️Stephen King doesn’t need to use a Marketing Site, especially not this one⛔️


    1. Very misleading and so very wrong. I just wish I had spotted Mr King sooner. My alarm bells would have been deafening.


  1. I just took a look at the site. As far as i could see you need to sign up before you even know what is offered and what the charges are, There is no way I would use a site like that

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