When you create a character they become alive to you after living in your head 24/7. Every day you discover new things about them with every word you write.

Granny Wenlock came into my life years ago when I sat down to write a short story for a BBC competition. The opening line just jumped into my head though the words weren’t Granny’s but her descendant, Dave Cavendish. She was the voice common sense, a voice of reason. Granny was his ancestor and she lived in the 1600’s when the world was a different place

Granny Wenlock

I wanted through Granny to explore the idea whether someone living hundreds of years ago would have any relevance in today’s world. She added a different element to a well-worn crime genre the private investigation agency. Now I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can take it.

A message to Granny Wenlock

Today I received a package from my publisher, Dean of Demain Publishing with a little note that put a smile on my face. The character of Granny Wenlock has taken on a life of her own. Now there’s no stopping her and I wonder just what scrapes she will get Dave and I into when I write further adventures of Granny Wenlock.

Check out Granny Wenlock first adventure in The Funeral Birds by clicking on this link

And to read a review of the book click here.


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