Wow! I’ve only just found this article written about my single collection by its publisher, Gill James. Gill is a great supporter of new writers. She runs two small publishing companies. Bridge House Publishing and Chapel Town Books. Up until this year when Covid19 put an end to gathering Gill always organised a book launch in London where all her writers would gather to have a meal, before going on to the event while we did readings. These events helped me grow more confident and overcome my shyness as I was able to stand in front of an audience. We had become a large family of writers who have taken our writing to the next level.

Bridge House & Chapel Town Books Writers

Days Pass Like a Shadow was published by Bridge House in June this year. It’s a collection of thirteen dark stories which cover the theme loss and death from serial killers to mother’s undying love. Unfortunately, I haven’t been marketing my collection as much as I should have been so the sales have been low. This means Gill hasn’t been able to recoup the money she has invested in my collection. I would love more sales so Gill is able to support other writers as like myself at the beginning of their writing journey. Hopefully, I can focus on pushing my single collection soon.

Click on book link: Days Pass Like A Shadow

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