My author friend Joan Livingston is running an interesting series on her blog, Character Traits. She’s interviewing authors about their main characters and today is my turn. So please allow me to introduce you to James Ravencroft.

James’s description in my novel, Stone Angels is based on the 15th century German artist, Albrecht Durer.

Albrecht Durer: Self-portrait age 28 (1500)

I had an artist friend who modeled himself on Durer, so I modeled James on Durer because I felt that Durer’s self-portrait showed him to be very self-assured young man. Looking at Durer’s paintings you can see he’s passionate about his art. My artist friend had the same passion, reassurance but….

If you would like to read Joan’s fascinating series please check out this link:

Character Traits: Meet James Ravencroft

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