Look at this amazing list of Women of Horror! I’m so pleased to know I’ve made it into the third volume. The competition is tough and I don’t take it for granted. To know you’re up against the best keeps you focused on your goals. To do your best isn’t quite good enough sometimes.

I never enjoyed stepping outside my comfort zone when I was younger. I fear failure and making a fool of myself. Voices in my head too, I guess. My grandmother saying ‘Who does she think she is….? What a show off!’

I always envy those who could step forward and try to succeed. No matter who you’re, or where you are from if you stay focused on what you want to achieve, you can. Set yourself a goal and rise to the challenge. I now know it isn’t showing off, or trying to be better than anyone else, but it’s about being the very best you can be.

Every day I set myself a new challenge. To finish a project, to get a certain amount done etc. Some days I have good days others bad days, but the next morning I am up and ready to start again. I know maybe I won’t be where I wanted to be in ten, twenty or thirty years time. Maybe I will keep moving the goalposts, but I know I’ve given my all to achieve what I have when others around me just laughed at the beginning of my journey. ‘You a writer!’

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  1. Well done Paula. Being yourself… and achieving… is never about showing off. It’s allowing who you are to radiate. We all need sunshine. Consider this success a ray that offers readers a chance for warmth, to wear sunglasses and smile!


  2. Hi Paula!! Congratulations, not only on being included in this wonderful anthology but also for staying focusing on achieving your dream. It’s obvious that it is coming true and I couldn’t be happier for you. Keep up the GREAT WORK!! 🙂

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