I was just thinking to myself, Does all this promoting I do cross these Facebook’s sites really bring results, as all the writers signed up to them are hunting for the same thing… Readers.

Yesterday, when I checked out my Amazon Author’s Page I noticed there hadn’t been much movement on any of my books. Christmas is a few weeks away and I know people are focusing on those celebrations. I’ve been think about the three thousands copies of Stone Angels which were downloaded a few months ago which haven’t brought any results. Not that I was expecting people to read the book straightaway. That’s the difference between purchasing a book to read and snapping up a bargain when it is available. You know, I’ll get this now and keep it for when I have nothing else to read.

So yesterday just before going to bed I decided to promote my modern gothic crime novel across the sites I have been promoting the Tearoom Chats. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that two readers have purchased my novel through seeing my promotion. Two out of the thousands signed up to the sites is a tiny drop in a huge ocean, but I’m guessing it all down to what your book is about, and how you worded your blurb too.

There’s a science to this marketing, which I guess is where advertising comes into it all. At the moment I’m having to keep my promotion simple as I’m busy editing my fourth book. I have invested in a program to create fancy book trailer and adverts for my books, but I need time to play around with the program. Does anyone know where I can purchase more free time?

Have a great day. It’s looking very foggy out here. (English village in South East, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that this morning ❤️😊


  1. Thanks Paula for your candid posts on the road to building readership. I am inspired and in awe of your efforts and professionalism. It seems such a frustrating path to build and follow. I am half way through your novel and enjoying it although it is not my default genre. I will post reviews on Amazon and Good Reads very soon. Keep writing and posting.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support, Dianne. I find it so frustrating at time because of the limited amount of free I have to read followers posts and blogs. I’m so grateful for the support I received from followers and reviewers who leave comments as they give me inspiration and encouragement to know I’m heading in the right direction. ❤️Hugs❤️ please keep safe in these difficult times.


  2. Hi there, Paula. Just to say I am reading your book, but because of circumstances at the moment (hubby due for an op.), my reading time is limited. So far, I am liking what I have read and may well finish it over the Christmas break.


  3. Two books sold is progress, but I bet it is frustrating out of 1000s signed up to the sites. I think your next book will help sell Stone Angels, and then your book after that will help sell all your previous books . . .


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