Sitting here while writing a speech for my son’s wedding next year, I’ve been thinking. Yes, I know I do a lot of it. We writers live in our heads which isn’t a bad thing.

Anyway, back to Resolution. I bought a writer’s diary for 2021 and I’m already filling in the to do list part of it. I’ve been making a plan of action that highlights the areas I need to focus on next year. I want to complete two new novels. One is already sitting on my computer. A crime novel I wrote before Stone Angels. I have at least eight other books at various stages sitting on my computer.

Having a plan helps me to stay focused. I’m trying to tidy up loose ends. I have a couple of projects on the go, I need to finish. Then I’ll starting a new project in January. This one I’m really excited about as I’m taking the characters from The Funeral Birds and give them space to develop.

I’m hoping that I can now write much quicker as my ability to craft a story is more refined. Of course my future books won’t be as long as Stone Angels, but I hope the readers will find them just as enjoyable. Are you busy making plans for 2021 with your writing?

I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. Hey, Paula!

    I’m looking forward in 2021 to finishing the WIP novel I’d hoped to have done this year, before the pandemic threw me off my course, writing two more short stories for an anthology I’m developing, and starting work on a long-gestating Gothic supernatural epic. I’m hoping I’ll be energized next year to make up for some lost time!

    All that said, 2021 has inspired no small degree of introspection, which has definitely made me a better writer — and, I hope, a better person.

    Good luck to you in ’21 — and Happy New Year!


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  2. 2021 looks like a great year for you Paula and I wish you all the best and continued success! For me, I’ve got “Resilience” my collection of 27 short stories (70K words) coming out through Bridge House Publishing. I’ve got “Short Stuff” a collection of 31 flash fiction and drabbles (15k words) coming out through Chapeltown Books. And I’ve got “Something Better” my SF/Adventure series culled from World of Myth Magazine episodes (34K words) tentatively coming out through Paper Djinn Press. In addition all my writing projects for blogs and anthologies. So 2021 looks really good for me, too!!

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  3. You certainly sound to be very organised, Paula. I’ve got a couple of stories in the pipeline, but I’m not sure they’ll be completed by the end of next year. All the best for your plans!

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