This writing business is full of dead ends, money pits, and misleading traps for the unsuspecting writer. The saying If it’s seems too good to be true, it probably is is so true. Yesterday I was contacted by a very convincing woman on LinkedIn. I’m not going to name the award she was talking about, because it’s been going for 25 years and has built up a good reputation. The company in question that runs the awards are firstly a marketing company. This should tell you everything you need to know, like all marketing companies they are out to make money.

The lady and I chatted via email. I asked all sorts of questions and soon found myself being caught up the the idea of submitting to this award. Yes, it did seemed like a good idea. Another shiny sticker to put on the front of my novel. The lady said, she’d looked on Goodreads for my novel and read its reviews there. She felt my novel would fit into their mystery category. I checked out the site it all looked fantastic apart from the entry fee which was quite expensive. I told the lady it was too expensive for me, but she explained the fee was to cover the cost of running the awards etc.

You to could be a winner!

After chatting with my son ( I sent him the link) He said it all looks good but I think you need to speak to Dean (my Australian publisher) see if he’s heard of these awards. I took my son advice and chatted with Dean. This morning I decided to focus on my writing and not worry about expenses awards.

I googled the awards and found out that you win a medal and some shiny stickers you put on your book cover, but once you’ve used them up you have to pay for more stickers, plus there’s other cost too.

I think we writers always need to use our heads and not our hearts when it comes to our writing business. It’s fine if other writers want to invest their money into these pay for awards, if they feel it is worth the money, but not for me.

My advice:

  • Think carefully weigh up the cost of the entry fee against the prize
  • Check online to see if anyone else has any comments about the awards. I found an article about this particular award.
  • This company has a financial interest in running the awards. They’re out to make money.
  • Always put your business head on when it comes to your work. Remember your writing has to pay for itself, so you’ll want to take it seriously.


  1. I couldn’t agree more, Paula. There are so many out there making money from writers, these false awards are just another scheme. It might boost a book’s sales for a short while if it has a certain sticker on the cover, but in the end it is quality writing that counts.

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  2. Great advice, Paula. There are so many scams — or at least questionable schemes — out there that unsuspecting artists are susceptible to. The If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is mantra is still the best guideline for these things. (And anything that requires payment is another red flag!)

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