Do you listen to music while writing?

I have a mixture of classical, New Age, film tracks, pan pipes all mainly instrumental as tracks with words has me singing along. I need background music as I suffer from tinnitus which can drive me nuts at times. I miss the peacefulness of silence.

Please check out Transformations. I was lucky enough to have all three of my stories selected when I entered the Waterloo Festival Writing Competition the three years it was running. I also have a story in this year’s Bridge House Anthology Mulling It Over. Bridge House submissions is now opening for next year anthology so I’ve been working on my story for that collection too. I’ve written over seven hundred words so far for a 4K story. The deadline is the end of February so I’m now back focusing on my fourth book, Seeking the Dark

The novel I’m editing was originally written in 2005. It has been through many rewrites, edits and has been submitted to quite a few publishers in its lifetime going by the rejections letters I have. Of course, I wasn’t put off by them as I knew my writing ability wasn’t up to scratch. I never gave up on the story, I just knew I hadn’t the skills needed at that time to tell Amanita’s tale properly.

Over the years I’ve been building my writer’s CV ready for the time I wrote a novel that would be published. Having a backlog of published works gave me confidence as well as showing publishers I was serious about writing. All established authors have written short stories as they give you a break between writing longer pieces of work. I enjoy have short stories out in the big wide world while working on a novel as it keeps you focused and gives you a real buzz when you receive news of an acceptance.

Right, must get back to the editing. Have a great weekend all.

Hunted out the reviews I had on Seeking the Dark over the years


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