It all started with a dentist appointment. Gosh, the parking had me running in circles. Drove to Iceland 🇮🇸 car park. No silly, the shop not the country. Though it might have been less hassle if I had done. Let me explain.

I live in a village. So to go to my dentist, I have to drive to the town. In the small town (in Britain the town is known as a market towns, because in the past the town use to hold a market) there are two car parks. One behind the Iceland frozen food shop and one at the other end of the town, which I think is called Bridge Street Car Park. Anyway I normally park in Iceland car park then walk to my dentist if I want to do shopping afterwards. Since Covid19 came into our lives I haven’t seen my dentist for about a year, so when they phoned to tell me I could make an appointment I was both pleased and a little scared.

Covid19 has taken my area to tier three, (dangerous) I didn’t want to miss out on having a check up and also I needed to go to the bank and buy some greeting cards too. Iceland car park was the ideal place to park as it’s close to the bank and card shop which are opposite to each other. I arrived at the car park to find new paying machines have been installed since I was last there. The machines take both money and cards. I tried both money and cards and neither worked. I spoke to a lady who was sitting in her car, and she said the machine had been working the last time she came because she used them daily.

I didn’t like to leave my car without a ticket and decided to park elsewhere. I could’ve parked on the high street, but you can only park there for a hour. At the Bridge Street Car Park the same thing happened. The machine wouldn’t take neither coins or card payments. Just as I was about to walk away from my car and another car pulled into the car park. I spoke to the driver. He hopped out of his and trying to put money into the machine. “That’s funny, it has been working, because I use it most days.” He said taking out his phone to take a photo of the slot. I explained that I had been at the other car park and had the same problem. So I took a photo to, and left my car there. Hoping when I arrived back I didn’t find a early Christmas present in the way of a parking fine. 😒

The dentist and his assistant were very interested in seeing a copy of Stone Angels. We chatted while I filled in a form and they tested my temperature. After the check up and x-rays we chatted more about my writing journey. They both said how much they were looking forward to reading my book. The assistant did ask me if I wanted it back after she had read it. I looked to the dentist he said he was looking forward to reading it too. I paid my dentist bill of £86, but didn’t have the courage to say ‘well, I’ve just paid for your work, would you like to pay me for mine. Instead I smiled and left.

It’s kind of funny how writing isn’t seen as a labour, all the work and effort that goes into writing. People see editors, publisher, agents as a job, but the real creators, the artists and writers aren’t seen as doing real work. Why’s that?

Is it because we only do half the job. If we actually produce the finished item, be it book or framed painting, then maybe our work would be recognised. But no, self-published isn’t quite seen even in today’s world as being properly published. Well, you did it all yourself. But without writers, the other jobs wouldn’t exist. No editor, book publisher, or literary agents.

I’m just glad I didn’t take my other books with me. Hopefully when my next novel is published they’ll hunt it out for themselves. I shall just see this as a gift to my dentist. After all, I’ve already given away 3k copies of Stone Angels, so another one isn’t going to break my heart anymore 💔

I arrived back at my car to find no ticket. Whether it will arrive in the post along with more Christmas cards, who knows. I hope if there was a camera watching me, they will see I tried to pay for a ticket 🎫.

P.s my dentist has told me I need to cut back on the sugar. My gums are red, but not all bad. I need to check my toothbrush too. It’s great to have a dentist who cares enough to make you changes your diet. I’ve needed a good reason to reduce my intake of sugary things. 😊😬 Saving my teeth might just help me lose my Covid19 fat bum too.


  1. It sounds like you had a stressful morning, Paula! Yes, it’s funny that people expect you to give away your books, or rather it’s not funny. It’s as if a writer’s work in the book production process is worthless, when without the writer there would be no book. Fingers crossed you don’t get a parking ticket!

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  2. You had quite the day! I hope no ticket will show up in the mail. And boo that you got cornered into giving away a copy of your book to the dentist. Hm, maybe you could come up with a ready response, like, “I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to give any more away. You can buy one, though.”

    Isn’t it cool that the photographer managed to make the lowly toothbrush look artistic is your feature image?

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    1. My dentist says electric toothbrush are good but to use them alongside these types to get between the teeth. He’s very good at his job. I was very worried that he might decide to call it a day and retire, but he has spent out to make his place Covid19 safe.


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