I can’t believe it my novel made it into the top one hundred on Amazon. 🥂🍾 After following the rise and fall of Stone Angels as it inched closer to making its there before Christmas. Amazon only lists the top 100 books in any given category.

Okay so it’s not at number one, but my novel did hit number one when it was being downloaded for free. So you might be saying, why is she so excited that her book is just at number 77?

The difference is huge. Let me explain. When books are downloaded for free people just grab while the offer is there. They load them up onto their kindles & devices while they can. It might be ages or forever when they finally get around to reading them. I’m signed up to Goodreads as an author and I can tell you there’s a lady who has over 19k currently reading books listed on her page, including Stone Angels. Another reader has marked as currently reading 2k books including Stone Angels. I myself has 22 books, I’m currently reading. They are books I started, and then didn’t finish for whatever reason, or maybe something else caught my attention. Will I ever get round to finishing them off… I’m not sure.

Normally I finish a book and review it, if I’ve selected the book I want it read.

So back to my Stone Angels sitting pretty at 77 and my excitement. Someone or maybe a few readers have selected my gothic whydunnit crime novel to read, and have paid for it. Hopefully they will enjoy the read and leave me a review. That would be a great start to 2021.


  1. Great news, Paula. It’s wonderful to see you finally reaping the rewards of your hard work.

    My Currently Reading list only ever has one novel on it, as I can’t read more than one at a time. Short story collections are different, and I think I have three or four on there at the moment, which I’m working through, dipping in and out of when I get a spare half hour.

    I’m not reading a novel at the moment, and you’ve got me wondering if I can squeeze another in before the end of 2020. What shall I pick? This Stone Angels sounds pretty good…

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    1. Wow, Brian. What an honour ☺️! I’m nervous now. I do hope it lives up to your expectations, if you do choose to read Stone Angels. I have been trying to find more British sites to market it as it does seem to have found its readers mainly in America. As it’s set in Suffolk/London in the sixties it might be more appealing to an American audience. 🤷‍♀️

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