I’m starting to get nervous. My writing journey has been a long one. Twenty-two years ago I set myself a challenge. The first short story I wrote was about a woman on a bus late at night traveling home from a bad date. It was told through her inner-thoughts. It was only when the reader learnt that she had no reflection they discovered she was a vampire.

I gave my first effort to my friend Lisa at work to read. Bless her, she read it and said she wanted to know more about the character. I went away and wrote 129k word novel badly. I sent the first twenty pages as a submission to an American publisher, who were kind enough to give feedback. It was then I realised that I didn’t have the skills needed to write the novel I wanted so I focused on learning.

Last year at this same time, I started rewriting and editing that novel. It had been edited and rewritten several times and has had its title changed too. Today, as I sit here writing this blog post, Seeking the Dark has been reduced down to a novel of 74k words, and has a much stronger plot line. I’m just hoping the publisher that has shown an interest in my novel will like it. Fingers crossed 🤞

If not, I’m sure there’s a few more places I can try these days that like Vampire books and horror. Never give up on your dreams.


    1. I’m just hoping that this publisher likes it enough to say yes. Can’t give up on it yet. I’ve had several people ask about this book as they remembered me talking about it. After Stone Angels was published they asked whatever happened to your vampire book.


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