Yesterday, I got banned from posting my blog chats across Facebook. I had signed up to quite a few Facebook sites where you could share you blog posts and market your books. I followed the guidelines of the groups. I even commented on some of them, but as I was busy editing, I didn’t spend a great deal of time on them.

Normally, I shared my tearoom chats in the early morning and only post one a day. Yesterday, I decided to write a post about editing and what I read on a couple of posts in one of new groups I had joined. I share this on several different groups which allows blog posts and authors’ comments.

Join us for tearoom chats ☕️🫖🧁

I didn’t class myself as spamming, but Facebook has and now I’ve been blocked until late tomorrow from posting, sharing or commenting on any other groups but my own two groups and my personal page. I’ve deleted membership of quite a few of the groups and will be very careful in the future about sharing or marketing on Facebook.

It’s annoying as the guidelines for the groups I had selected allows you to promote your books as long as you don’t spam. I didn’t think share one post a day was classed as spamming.

I’m going to focus mainly on my writing, rather than trying to market my books through Facebook sites. I’m not even sure whether you do find many readers on their sites. I did like sharing my tearoom chats though as this wasn’t really marketing more like an invite to join me in a conversation.

I’ve finally finished the edits on my fourth book and are now working on a short story. On the first of February, I begin working on my follow on novel to The Funeral Birds.


    1. I’m not sure whether any of the social media sites brings you readers, Priscilla. To my way of thinking as a reader I don’t look for books to read on any of these sites. Of course if you are a “Famous” author then readers with track you down to make that personal contact and to find out when your next release is.
      Most of the groups I to market my books and chats were just people posting their books. I felt the chats were some different than just a ‘come a buy my book’ post

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