It is so wonderful when there’s so much sad in the world at the moment to receive good news. Yesterday, I received an email that brightened my day, which I can’t mention yet, and then not long afterwards a message from a reader of my novella, The Funeral Birds.

A lovely lady messaged me to say how much she enjoyed reading my novella and that she had my other books sitting in a queue on her kindle. This in itself is wonderful and uplifting to know my writing is slowly, but surely has a growing number of followers. It makes my time spent at the keyboard worthwhile and all the promoting that I’m doing is really bringing results.

A few months ago, I was in the dark about marketing and promoting and was unsure whether what I was doing made any difference. I think it helps have had my writing published in a wide range of anthologies as my name is already out there, but unlike anthologies there isn’t anyone else to help with the promotion of the book as it only has your name on the cover.

A publisher friend of mine told me, I need more than a couple of books on Amazon to start see the results of my labour. So hopefully once I have completed my follow on novel, As The Crow Flies it will go towards keeping the readers interested in my writing. I’m hoping to have one book coming out a year, while writing the next one. I have a few incomplete novels sitting on my computer already so hopefully I’ll be up and running already.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe 😷

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