Sorry for the silence. Been rather busy. Today, I’ve finished my acknowledgements and dedication for my new novel Seeking The Dark. The publisher, Darkstroke has signed off on it now so the novel is seen as completed. Hopefully, we have caught any error or typos this time, but I’m guessing some will have sneaked through. Time to start thinking long and hard about marketing. Unlike at the launch of Stone Angels, I’m more prepared this time.

To buy book click on link here Seeking The Dark

The other day I had an email drop into my inbox from a promotional site, Readfreely. I had used them once before and they were doing a special offer. So I thought I would give them a go and promote Stone Angels. I’m hoping to drum up more interest in my work before the launch of Seeking The Dark. The promotion was to cover the weekend and to be included in a newsletter though the company seems to be based in Britain their main market is in America.

At the moment I don’t see any improvement on my sales, but I shall wait and see how the ranking on my Amazon page looks tomorrow. Hopefully by June when a huge amount of the population of Britain will have been vaccinated we will be able to start promoting our work by meeting and talking to others. If the local independent bookshops have survived I shall get in contact with them to see if they would be interested in copies of both my books.

Missing Being a Goth

I’m really hoping by October the Whitby Goth Festival is back. It would be great to be able to hand out business cards again and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the time spent in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Tomorrow I’m back working on a short story and then it’s back to writing a new Granny Wenlock story.

Catch up with you all very soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I know from reading your regular blogs that you have tried a variety of marketing routes to generate sales. Did the freebie sales weekend in USA (which I seem to recall ended with you listed as an Amazon Best Seller… well done) generate the scale of volume sales (post freebie) you hoped for?
    P.S. Love the outfits.


    1. This is where it is difficult to say what is good and what isn’t a good route to take, Dianne. I shall explain in a post. My point of view only. Others might reach a different decision with their books.


  2. Yeah, marketing is really hard. And I think it’s getting harder. There are so many books being published by everyone from the big name publishing companies to individuals who’ve written and self published one book for fun and they’re all available to the reading public.

    Just letting people know our exist is hard – and when they do we still have to persuade them to give it a try.

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    1. I think the pandemic has become a two edged sword as far as writing and reading. It has given would be writers a chance to write & readers an opportunity to chill out with a book. But I’m sure there are more writers than readers. 😒


  3. I agree marketing is hard, and it can also be expensive – there are many companies about promising lots of sales for a chunk of your hard-earned money. I too am looking forward to when we can meet readers face to face. Love your Goth photo, Paula!

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