Now my fourth book has been signed off by Darkstroke, my publisher, I’m ready to start work on my next project. I’m working on a short story called ‘Not another bloody rabbit hole.’ It’s one of thirteen dark tales that’s linked by the character, Alice from Wonderland. My tale’s theme is a supernatural crime and must be about Alice being set up. The other twelve tales are told by other writers. I took a few days off just so I could free my mind.

So what did I for a few days? Well, nothing very exciting.

Well, I caught up with housework. Yes, I know. Not the most inspiring thing I could have done with my time, but it helped to clear my head. This weekend I had hoped to start tidying my garden and preparing the vegetable plot for planting but strong winds and heavy rain has put a stop to that activity.

I did spend a day putting together a book trailer for Seeking the Dark . I used the program built into Windows 10 photo video editor. Every time I use it, I learn something new. I did buy a more complicated program but I haven’t had the time to work out how to use it. Windows 10 Photo is so quick and easy to use. After I selected a series of pictures I thought would tell the story from Pixbay(.)com I added music and special effects to create the slideshow. Windows 10 photo has a good selection of music and special effects you can add to a video to make it more interesting. Once I was happy with it, I loaded the finished video onto YouTube. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it.

I’m just hoping Seeking the Dark appeals to all readers as the story isn’t quite what readers of vampire novels will expect. I thought long and hard about the cover, as I’m sure I have already mentioned. I’m hoping the book trailer for Seeking the Dark will encourage more readers of all sexes to want to read it even though there’s no romance in the story.

Please let me know what you think of the book trailer, thank you.

Now I’m off to get Alice out of another rabbit hole 😂

Have a great weekend.


      1. Nervous is normal, so don’t worry about that. If the story is good, and I’m sure it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s different.

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  1. Great trailer! Looks like an intriguing story…and so does your current Alice project. Just wanted to hop on here to tell you how much I enjoy your blog, and the fact that you share things about your writer’s journey – like the tools you used for making this trailer, pictures of your historic village as setting, etc. I find it inspiring. So, thank you and best wishes!

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