This morning walk was very muddy as we headed towards the woods. There wasn’t much to see in the way of wild life though we saw muntjac tracks in the mud and a buzzard flew out of the woods as we entered. There was the odd squirrel taking to the trees as we followed the path. Under the trees, primroses were adding a splash of yellow. Dog mercury was clearly visible in the woods and soon will be a carpet of green. Dog’s mercury is highly poisonous and hence became known as ‘False mercury’ or ‘Dog’s mercury’. Ingestion of this plant can lead to vomiting, jaundice, coma and eventually death.

Through primrose tufts in that sweet bower. The periwinkle trailed its wreaths; And ’tis my faith that every flower enjoys the air it breathes


My friend Ana and I walk for 118 minutes so our app tells me now I’ve checked. We are hoping to walk again tomorrow, but the weather forecast shows thick cloud, a gentle breeze with the risk of rain later.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day marketing across the internet and I think I’m getting the hang of it. I keep an eye open for anyone looking for a recommendation for their next read. Then I post a photo of my book cover with a brief description of it. I always word my post ‘You might be interest in my Gothic Crime Novel Stone Angels. Then put my link to the book in the comment box and don’t use the Amazon link. Yesterday, I think I got two sale that way.

My Alice story is slowly almost painfully coming together. I’m over the first 1k mark now, but I think my mind is on the fact Saturday I get my first jab to help fight this terrible virus. Hopefully, if everyone takes up the offer Britain will be able to get back to normal life soon. I’m a little nervous about having it, but I would rather take my chances with the vaccination than getting the virus. People who have survived the virus are suffering with long term problems. My second jab is in June so fingers-crossed.

Back to my short story now. Best wishes and keep safe, everyone ❤️


  1. That was a long and beautiful walk! The hubster got his first shot, but I’m still on the waiting list. Your marketing is paying off. If even two books at a time, they count! Now the sweet dog and I are off for our muddy walk. It’ll only be half as long as yours, though.

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    1. Enjoy your walk with sweet dog. We were slipping and sliding. I had to clean my boots off well before going indoors. Hopefully we will have some drier weather soon. I’m really pleased to know you’ve are having your shot soon too.

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  2. My walk was shorter this morning as I had slept in – unheard of! I had my first jab on Monday. It was the Oxford vaccine that’s currently in the news. Like you, I believe you are better off having the vaccine than not. These are scary times. Great news on your two sales:-)

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  3. What a beautiful place to walk! I never heard of either muntjac or dog mercury, very interesting. Good luck with your marketing and Alice too. I liked your story What’s Normal and I’ve added Stone Angels to my “want” list :o) Just need to finish the stack I’ve already purchased first. I’m one of those archaic readers who prefers paper.

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    1. Thank you so much. Like you I love books 📚 and to have a physical book too. I have a collection of old books. One printed in the 1624 and I love to imagine the journey that book has been on since the day it was published until my husband bought it for a few pounds at a car boot sale. It has a family tree in it so I know who once owned it.

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