The walk this morning took us to the Holy Trinity church, Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall. It took us a total of 102 minutes in bright sunshine, which made a nice change after so many dull, wet mornings. We walked along the road as there was more heavy rain last night, not wanting to slip and slide our way around the fields.

Holy Trinity church building is a simple flint rubble single cell structure built by the Normans in the early 12th century and looks as much as it did when originally built. The only changes happened around 1320 to 1340 when several of the Norman windows were replaced with larger decorative ones. At this time the roof was raised about three feet and the south porch was added.

We spent a little time looking around the outside of the church before walking on. The roads leading to and from the church are very quiet. The only real traffic goes to the gravel pits by its own road, which was built to avoid Bradwell village itself. This will all change once the new road comes through as it will put the gravel pit and the church on the opposite side of the new road. So Ana and I try not to think about all that we will lose in the future. The new houses in our village has already taken away two of the walks we used to enjoy.

On this walk we saw Horsetails (Equisetum telmateia) growing by the side of the road in an overflowing ditch. The water was fast moving after the heavy rain. The Horsetails we saw was one of twenty species that is found on the Earth today. They are the only survivors of an ancient group of plants known as Sphenopsida. This family of plants also includes many of the trees that grew in the coal forests 250million years ago.

Along the top of a bank on a bend in the road we walked down we found lesser periwinkle growing. Its bright blue flowers shone in the sunshine. In medieval England garlands or crowns of this plant were sometimes worn by people about to be executed as it was a symbol of immortality.

What does the Power of Belief mean to you?

The author Miriam Drori sent me an email asking me this very question as she was going to do a series of articles about the power of belief on her blog. Today, she posted my answer. If you would like to read my reply to this question, please check out this link.

Tomorrow, I’m going for my vaccination to help fight the virus.

Have a great weekend,

Chat with you all again soon.


  1. The dog and I had sunshine, too, after a night of rain. The trees are not blooming here yet (as they are in your beautiful cemetery photo), but we did see a man who disappeared. I know I wasn’t imagining it because the dog reacted to him, too. Then the man disappeared over the course of 2 seconds, and I’m wondering now if we actually saw a ghost or a mirage or what.

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