When you take up writing you just don’t know how many hats you have to wear to get the job done. From a writer, to editor and finally marketing guru. This morning I planned to focus on finishing my Alice story but landed up editing my submission to Cafelit 10 and correcting some newly discovered mistakes in Seeking The Dark. I think I’ve managed to find all the mistakes in both.

Dare I say it?

I’m hoping to finish my unfinished jobs some time soon.

Granny Wenlock is building a huge fan base. Bless her. Her new merchandise has allowed me to promote The Funeral Birds from a new angle which has been fun. The Funeral Birds book now has a lovely new review on Amazon too. My son is wanting to buy some Granny Wenlock cups for his wife to be and himself. Hopefully there will be some New Age Witches who will buy up the Granny Wenlock line too.

Next week the weather forecast in England is hot and sunny. I have a couple of jobs to finish off in the garden and I need to plant my vegetable too especially my potatoes and tomatoes plants. I’m a vegetarian so I love having my food fresh from my garden. The soft fruit bushes I moved last year have taken very well and have fresh green leaves on them.

Have a great week. Chat again soon.


  1. Congratulations on your son’s engagement. Yes, authors have to wear many hats! Have fun gardening. It’s supposed to be cooler here next week . . . which is good because our air conditioner is broken and won’t be fixed until the second week in April!


  2. Hi Paula! You know, I think we can now all see that the name you choose for ‘Granny Wenlock’ was right on!! Way to go! Isn’t it interesting how things turn out? Here’s wishing all the best of success with her and how she evolves. What fun 🙂


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