This morning I woke with Granny Wenlock speaking to me which was a nice surprise. Not that she has been quiet up until now. It’s just that she’s stopped nagging me, and now is telling me things I need to know to move the plot forward. I’ve been a bit concerned about a sticking point that’s slowly been growing on the horizon.

The problem is how to work out a way of bringing the past and present together without being too cliché. That’s the difficulty with writing time-slip novels. There’s only so many ways of doing it while keeping it natural to the reader.

Using Granny as Dave’s conscience in The Funeral Birds worked well, but to carry it through the length of a novel or even a series of books, I feel the reader needs to know more about Granny and who she was/is as a person. I know what I want for Granny, and she’s made it very clear to me that she doesn’t want to be a time-traveller. She’s happy enough to help Dave, with future cases as long as it’s from her own place and time.

This will make it all the more interesting for me to write, and to solve the problem of how to fill the reader in on who Granny Wenlock is and why she wants to help her descendant, Dave. As Granny says, it doesn’t matter what era we live in, or where in the world we live, human nature is all the same. Our lives are controlled by the same emotions, which can be used for either good or evil. Men are men, just as women are women, we all have the same basic wants and needs, so nothing has really changed.

I’m off to chat with Granny now. I’m just as interested in finding out what her makes her tick as you are😊 .

Bye for now.


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