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I was just sorting through my emails trying to delete the ones I really don’t need to keep. It’s like a journey back in time. I guess in the past we would have kept our correspondence in a desk, sorted into bills, letters from loved ones and general information. As I paged down the list, I’m travelling back to 2009, names of friends and moments in history jumped out at me.

From enquires into family history, photos taken at Whitby Goth Festivals to submissions and rejections of novels now published.

Why is it so hard to let go of things that no longer matter?

These emails are dead. The time has past and they mean nothing to others. Oh, I have printed copies of the most important ones.

Searching through the sent ones, I saw replies to my dear friends’ emails who are no longer with us. I wanted so much to delete them, but my finger just hovered over them. To delete would be like wiping them away forever. Such a tiny link to them. It’s as though I could write to them, send a last email to them. A message that would fly through time and space to reach them on other side. To let them know I hadn’t forgotten them.

I couldn’t do it. The non-important emails remain for another day.

Now I’m off for a walk. Have a great day all.


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