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There are nettles everywhere: But smooth, green grasses are more common still: The blue of heaven is larger than the cloud
by E.B. Browning  born: 6th March 1806  died: 29 June 1861 an English poet

Day 12: My time as a mature student in 2006

I have been very busy since my last Bush up on English Class at the College. There were only four of us for the last class before we broke up for the Christmas break, so I hope things improve in the New Year.

While out shopping I bumped in to Motorbike Dave, he said he enjoyed the classes and really wanted to get ahead in his writing. I told him I was worried the class might be cancelled if numbers of students fell too far. He said he would be coming to every class. I was pleased to hear it; at least, I know there will be two of us.

The classroom’s ongoing story, which I call ‘The Room’; Mr C had forgotten to bring in the next part, but he had brought in my part 3. When he gave it to me he said I wrote like ‘Mills & Boons’.

I wasn’t sure what he meant by it so I purchased three Mills & Boons books over the Christmas break.  I was confused as the books were far raunchier than my writing, but as the authors of such books were published I took his comment as a compliment.

from Google Mills & Boons Books

Mr C kept asking me what happens next in my story, and who was George etc, I laughed and said my writing must be good, if he wanted to know what happens next. So all I must do now is write part five before the class starts on the 4th Jan.

Mr C’s last comment to me before we left the class was “Don’t write too much over the Christmas break.

“Who me…? Never…!”

Well, ok, so I’ve been a bit busy writing, but I don’t think two short stories and one non-fiction article is much, do you?

I’m now rereading my children’s book before sending it out again. I want to start this New Year with as much out there in the big wide publishing world as possible.

Book News: Yesterday, I found that my novel Seeking the Dark on Amazon British Horror Fiction had made it to number 7 in their new horror releases before slowly sliding down 9. It’s made it to New Releases in Horror Suspense #12 and Contemporary Urban Fiction #16. I did hope it might hit number One for at least an hour, but never mind. I have my first review which is great. So please do check it out, thank you.

I’ve emailed my local bookshop to see if I can supply them with my both my novels, Stone Angels and Seeking The Dark. So I have my fingers crossed. My Granny Wenlock is slowly taking shape but my mind has been on Seeking the Dark.

I did a radio interview the other night, but it wasn’t brilliant. The presenters were all over the place and they were having problems. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was an online show. They’ve invited me back, so next time I will be more prepared. I have a couple of other things line up, but I will tell you about them later.

Have a great weekend.


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