Bradwell Church, Essex, England
Oh, shall I never, never be home again!
Meadows of England shining in the rain
Spread wide your daisied lawns: your ramparts green with briar fortify, with blossom screen
Till my far morning - and O streams that slow and pure and deep through plains and playlands, 
From Thoughts of England by James Elroy Flecker Born 05 Nov 1884-
03 Jan 1915 was a British novelist and playwright. 

After the heavy rain we had last night following the footpaths around the village would have been too wet, so Ana and I walked to the church via the main road. Once there we found the grass in the churchyard had been cut so we had a wander around and took some photos and I made a video.

I have account on Instagram under the name of Granny Wenlock. I'm not quite up-to-speed how you use the site, but I have been making a few short videos that contain a positive message, and the ones I've made so far have been well received. Within the videos I've added messages from Granny Wenlock as I see her as being a wise woman. 

As I've wanted to share my videos and book trailers straight on my blog I've upgraded my blog account. So I hope you will enjoy watching and hearing the sounds of an English graveyard. Here's the one I've made today.

A Face from the Past

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