The story I was busy reducing is now rolling along with new vigour. It’s amazing what happens when your characters are let loose. The word count is growing nicely now.

I have the go ahead to take it up to 20k, which will be easily reached in no time at all. Now the restraints are off I’m loving the freedom and my mind has gone into overdrive. Yesterday, I searched the internet for an abandoned house to used as inspiration to give more details to the one in the story, and found this amazing gothic house in Belgium.

Taken off Google an abandoned house in Belgium.

What stories it could tell! It must have looked stunning when it was first built. The craftsmanship that when into making each brick and the glass for the curved windows. The fancy iron work and stone work must have taken hours to create. The interior must have been as beautiful as the outside. I hope whoever lived in it had a wonderful life there.

Our imagination works overtime when we come across such pictures. I’m off to do more writing and editing. Have a great day.

Chat again soon.


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