Yesterday I could have scream and stamped my feet in frustration! It was so annoying to have spent most of the day editing and creating a video of our trip to Colchester to share with you only to find I couldn’t view it on my iPhone or iPad. My iPad Norton even warned me not to view it! I have Norton on all three devices that I used including the main computer on which I made the video. Once I removed the video, and replace it with the photos Norton allowed me to view my blog with no problems. Just crazy, and I have no idea, why. I just hope it allows me to share and view today’s post.

While in Colchester two modern pieces of art work caught my eye. A striding woman and a man in a suit and tie. The British sculptor Sean Henry is based in Hampshire, England and focuses on everyday people. Editions of Walking Woman can be found in London, Oslo, Bad Homburg and Colchester, Essex. All Henry’s portraits are anonymous people and he describes the theme of his work as “the tension between the making and staging of figures that seem to belong to the real world, and the degree to which they echo our experiences and sympathies.”

The Walking Woman towered over me as she stood 7ft high. She is described by the artist as walking with direction and purpose. The Man with Cup, on the side of the building, stands at 4ft 6in. Both are made in bronze which has been painted and were erected in 2017.

Have a great day, and I shall be back to chat with you again soon.

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