In the morning light, the mist dances on the water 
While clouds mirror the earth, a butterfly alights. 
As I pass by the earthbound clouds of purple grasses, they sway gently.  

Morning Walk by Paula R C Readman in July 2021

A short walk around the two lakes and up pass the old oak tree before we edged the woods looking for insects. So far we haven’t seen any blue butterflies on our walks, but both my friend, Ana and I have see them in our own gardens. The walk was short, only 83 minutes long as Ana and her husband were going out for the day.

At the moment I’m busy working on two writing projects. I’m trying to stay focus, but a big day is coming up soon. Once the day has passed I will get back into writing Granny Wenlock. I’m six chapters in at the moment. My new novella is growing fast and I’m really excited by it now I have the space to develop the story line. I shall keep you up to date with how I’m getting on.

Today we have more rain here, but I don’t think that will dampen our football fans. I’m not a big football fan, but I do wish our team all the very best.

Here’s my slideshow from my latest walk. I do hope you enjoy watching it.

Best wishes always. Off to do some more editing.


  1. Great video, Paula. That Oxford Ragwort is a really pretty flower. I go on a bike ride every morning on a wooded trail. I’d love to film parts of it sometime. I think you’d enjoy seeing it. Anyway, have a great rest of your day 🙂

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    1. The Oxford Ragwort is an amazing plant but it is dangerous to livestock. I shall have to write a piece about it. The plant has a poison in it that can kill animals yet a day flying moth lays its eggs on it so that its caterpillars 🐛and offspring are poisonous to birds. Is nature wonderful.

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